dentálna hygienička


It is often the only way to save a tooth from extraction, it prevents the spread of bacteria from the inflamed tooth into the body. It is a root canal treatment is an inflammation of dental pulp inflammation or tooth socket. This treatment is applied when the caries has penetrated to the dental nerve. The treatment of root canals is always done under local anesthesia and with the help of the most modern devices (dental microscope, RVG, ...) and techniques. The aim is to clean the canal from inflamed tissues and bacteria, disinfect the canal and hermetically close it. The crown is supplemented with photocomposite filling or prosthetic work (metal-ceramic crown)

dentálna hygienička

Reendodontic treatment

It is a re-endodontic treatment of the tooth. Such treatment can occur if the previous filling fails and the ducts need to be reopened, cleaned and filled. Research and development are also advancing very fast in dentistry. Therefore, it is common that today we can provide the patient with a better treatment than it was 10 years ago.