No hiding your smile any more!

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Teeth whitening

Tea, red wine and some food consumed on a daily basis tend to cause a gradual change of the colour of your teeth. If you wish to achieve a beautiful and shiny smile quickly and effortlessly, we have a solution for you: tooth whitening methods for application either at our clinic or at home. Our team will assess your individual needs and advise you on the most suitable approach for you to get an enchanting smile.

Home teeth whitening

It usually takes 7 to 14 days to achieve the desired effect with our home teeth whitening gel and tray kit. The gel is made of a special proprietary formula of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, complemented by potassium nitrate and fluoride. All those components are formulated to deliver the best whitening results. The technology also improves the strength and reduces the sensitivity of tooth enamel. Benefits of the home kit include comfortable dosing and easy application. The whitening gel whitens natural teeth; it has no effect on crowns, dentures and fillings. The whitening results are varied: they depend on the individual degree of discolouration, hygiene habits and diet.

Teeth whitening at our clinic

The teeth whitening itself must be preceded by thorough dental hygiene and airflow polishing procedures to remove pigment deposits from the enamel surface. A protective barrier is createt on the gums. A whitening gel with a stronger concentration is applied to the surface of each tooth. Then, a special light is used to accelerate the peroxide oxidation reaction. The active whitening procedure is followed by the application of another coat of a special gel to hydrate and remineralise the enamel.