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Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry which focuses on the treatment of periodontitis. Periodontitis (also referred to as gum disease) is an inflammatory disease of periodontium. If not properly treated, this disorder may lead to an early loss of teeth.

Initial examination and treatment


Late treatment of periodontitis

The treatment process usually starts with an initial examination to assess the extent of teeth damage and identify the risk factors bearing on the prognosis. The patient will be instructed on proper oral hygiene practices. Correct oral care habits may reduce or even eliminate the inflammation. The treatment of inflammation is normally conducted by a specialised dentist (periodontist) supported by a dental hygienist.

Most patients consider their gum bleeding unimportant and make steps to address the problem only when their teeth become shaky and moving. This may be too late; this condition usually necessitates a surgery to retard the progress of the disease. Sometimes, however, it is impossible to save the affected tooth and it must be extracted and replaced by a prosthesis.