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Restorative dentistry


Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases, so do not underestimate a visit to the dentist.



Procedures for quality treatment of dental pulp and root canals, which is often the only available option to save a tooth from extraction.



Top-quality dental prostheses such as full or partial crowns, bridges and dentures. Complete solutions for your beautiful smile.

X-ray / OPG images


At our dental clinic, we take X-rays and OPG images while you wait.

Dental hygiene


We offer professional dental hygiene services to ensure the best possible decay prevention for your tooth.


Teeth whitening


Our professional teeth whitening procedures will help you to achieve and maintain a shiny white smile. Results are visible immediately after the procedure.



With us, DENTAL HYGIENE is done with the most modern Air-Flow®One device and the GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY approach

Air-Flow® One is a unique device from EMS company developed in accordance with the new Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment concept. Improved efficiency, gentleness, comfort for the patient with the latest hygiene standards. Thanks to the adjustable water heating, the patient also has a gentle course of treatment. Unique prophylactic powders are used in the treatment.

Air-Flow® powder PLUS is the first High-Tech powder, composed of erythritol for particularly gentle removal of coatings and pigments from enamel, dentin, mucous membranes, tongue, deciduous teeth, orthodontic locks, implant surfaces and prosthetic works.

We accept orders on tel. No .: +421 948 246 366, 0948 029 962 or online. We are looking forward to you.


Book a dentist online

At our Dental Clinic Tri veže Považská Bystrica, you can order an initial examination, a professional consultation, as well as treatment of a painful case directly ON-LINE. Just one click.

We offer you short waiting times, above-standard access and you will not feel like a dentist with us. We are looking forward to you.

Alternatively, you can order by phone at +421 948 246 366, +421 948 029 962.

Teeth Whitening with Pure Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is a procedure used in cosmetic dentistry to achieve white and radiant tooth colour.

At our dental clinic, we perform teeth whitening with Pure Whitening. This whitening system achieves excellent results with a combination of home and outpatient whitening.

Throughout the procedure, you leave with bleached beats of 5 to 8 shades. You will find out all the necessary more detailed information directly from a professional consultation with a dental hygienist. We are looking forward to you.

Our results of ambulant teeth whitening before and after the procedure.

pure whitening 1
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Do you want to give a nice and healthy smile to your loved ones?

You can buy gift vouchers for dental hygiene, teeth whitening and dental treatment directly at the reception.

dentalna poukazka

A healthy smile begins with dental care

Tooth decay is nowadays one of the most common diseases not only in adulthood, but also in children. The project of our dental clinic Dental Clinic Tri Veže is intended just for pupils and students, the aim of which is to understand that the prevention of tooth decay and dental care is very important. During the 45-minute presentation, we inform them about how to clean their teeth properly, teach them about the structure of the tooth, the harmfulness of sugars, how bacteria convert sugars into acids that damage teeth and cause tooth decay, and finally how and what they should brush your teeth properly. Our project does not lead children to have to do something, but we teach them about the causes of diseases in the oral cavity and how to prevent them. Presentations of the project began in the last school year at primary schools under the leadership of Bc. Lívia Chlebanová Némová and Zuzana Vokounová. This school year, we have extended education to secondary schools.

We were the first to be welcomed by the Secondary Medical School in Považská Bystrica.

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