dentálna hygienička


If the tooth is irreversibly damaged by tooth decay and cannot be treated preservatively (directly made filling), one or more teeth are missing, a prosthetic solution comes to mind. Its task is to replace the missing tooth or teeth, not only aesthetically but also functionally.

dentálna hygienička

Depending on the size of the loss Prepares

  • Inlay, Onlay - a very gentle and minimally invasive method, the maximum amount of dental tissue is preserved and only as much as necessary is removed from the tooth.
  • Crowns - are recommended in case of large loss of dental tissues, when making a composite filling, inlay or onlay is not possible. Ceramic crowns meet the highest aesthetic requirements.
  • Dental bridges - if you need to replace one or more teeth, one option is a bridge. After grinding the teeth, a restoration is made that covers the crown-ground teeth.
  • Partial removable prostheses - are removable prostheses that are anchored to the existing remaining teeth. They are used to restore chewing, phonetic and aesthetic function.
  • Total dentures - form a replacement for real teeth in case of complete loss of teeth in one or both jaws. Without neglecting phonetics and aesthetics, the prosthesis should primarily serve to restore the function of chewing.