dentálna hygienička

Dental Surgery

By dental surgery we mean all surgical procedures on teeth, soft tissues of the oral cavity and jaws. You must have met people who were bothered by the "eights" or had a bridle as a child. Oral surgery is commonplace nowadays. Intervention as "tearing eights", that wisdom teeth, now patients cope with totally without pain and usually without subsequent complications.

The most common procedures are:

  • surgical extraction of teeth
  • root tip resection
  • hemiectractions
  • surgical periodontal therapy
  • incision
  • excision
  • implant placement
  • predprotetická treatment alveoli
  • frenulectomy
dentálna hygienička

What should be observed after surgery?

After surgery, it is advisable to follow some instructions, which contributes to faster healing and the overall success of surgical therapy. Therefore, the principles that the doctor will inform you about after the procedure must be followed.

They are mainly:

  • icing - applying cold compresses from the outside in the wound area
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol on the day of the procedure
  • at least three days to avoid sports activities that can increase blood pressure (increased risk of swelling and bleeding)